A 15-year-old girl was admitted to a reputed hospital after complaints of stomach ache. She underwent a strenuous operation under the care of world-renowned laparoscopic surgeons. Post-operation her vitals remained normal and she was recovering easily. She received post-surgery care and her doctors prescribed the necessary medications. She appeared to be healthy and her doctors… Continue reading NEVER EVENTS: PREVENTING MEDICAL ERRORS


Medication Management is key for PATIENT SAFETY

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Patient’s safety is the first to none. Approximately 3.1 million people have injured annually across the world because of Medication Errors”. It is estimated that 40 percent of Hospital related errors are due to Medication errors.


Standard Precautions- Universal Approach to Infection Prevention and Control.

Healthcare workers generally face risk to infection with bloodborne pathogen during routine work in the emergency/trauma triage wards, intensive care units, and so forth.


An Approach to Improve Patient Safety and Quality Beyond Accreditation

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Patient Safety is defined as freedom for a patient from accidental or potential harm associated with healthcare, is an issue of rising concern all over the world.


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