Patient Safety Club

Patient Safety Club

Ever since the report of Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1999 was published which estimated that 44,000 – 98,000 individuals were dying each year as a result of medical error, it became a moral imperative to take every measure necessary to save lives.

In comparison to old practice of medicine, the healthcare delivery now become a complex embedded system in delivery of healthcare, hence there are high chances of variations in patient care which can led to complications, clinical outcomes, and patient harm in hospitals. The Healthcare industry is a complex entity that deals with life, death, disease, hope, and new learnings every day, every minute, and every second.

A systematic approach through healthcare accreditation system would be one of the best approach for improving the quality of hospitals. In the Indian context, we have taken steps to improve quality and patient safety continuously but it still remains a challenge to implement standards in all hospitals and healthcare providers. Therefore, in order to achieve standardization, Indian healthcare accreditation journey has also started and we have come a long way. However, all organizations are not same and accreditation still remains voluntary in nature.

Apollo hospitals has taken this initiative to rope in champions of Quality and Safety in its journey to bridge this gap of standardized learning and shared practices. We aim to empower all the members with access to the evidence based practices, literature, best practices and create a platform wherein we all can meet and learn together.

Criteria      :    All healthcare professionals involved in Quality, Patient Safety and Accreditation

Fees            :    INR 7999/-

Validity       :    Life Time

Benefits of being a member of this club:

  • Member Kit: Includes a welcome letter, Certificate, Apollo Excellence Report and Publications
  • Individual member discount on all the conferences on Patient Safety and related workshops.
  • Access to webinars/ T cons/ V Cons on patient safety topics to learn and interact with experts
  • Privileged Access to Apollo Resources of Best Practices as per the Annual Calendar
  • Access to Apollo’s Conference Presentations and Case Studies
  • Eligible for becoming Patient Safety Club Committee member
  • Quarterly Connect to discuss and share Best Practices
  • Guidance in organizing special events like World Patient Safety Day, World Quality Day, etc.

**The above offer cannot be clubbed with any other offers
**Decisions pertaining to the Club activities will be taken by the committee members.

Patient Safety Club Membership Club Calendar-2023-24
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