Feb 13 & 14

9th International Patient Safety Conference 2023

Anand P Surana

Anand P Surana is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ICEGEN. Surana brings a rare combination of attributes to the Group: Technical know-how, Innovative Business Models and far-reaching vision.

As CEO, he handles all corporate operational activities at ICEGEN and also oversees the Company’s vertical market divisions:  wireless solutions, RTLS, Revenue Cycle Management, Enterprise Solutions and Software Development.

Surana also has a solid 20-years applied Pervasive Computing experience from group implementation projects and has managed numerous implementations, consultancy and has gained an uncompromised expertise in designing processes and evaluating customer business cases globally.

He has been instrumental in leading the group’s efforts to grow both organically and through strategic acquisition to achieve the vision of becoming the premier provider of Wireless and RTLS and Software Solutions & services  targeting banking and healthcare fraternities.

Surana serves in a variety of private and public management positions. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and Finance from the CardiffBusinessSchool, University of Wales. U.K.

Business Acheivements:

We are extremely proud and honored as

FROST & SULLIVAN, U.S.A has honored and conferred ICEGENwith “CUSTOMER VALUE LEADERSHIP AWARD” for Excellence in Best Practices in RFID and RTLS Solutions.

This is by far the biggest and most prestigious Award in the corporate world globally also recipient of…

  1. Intelligent Enterprises Award 2017
  2. NASSCOM Healthcare Transformation Award
  3. Medicall Healthcare Innovator Award
  4. HMA Asia Gold Award 2018
  5. The disruptive 100 – IDG Award
  6. FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award
  7. Talent Accelerator Award IDC DX, Malaysia

Honored as Champion of Chennai flood relief:

Papa Johns, USA featured me as one among 20 champions of Chennai flood relief Ambassadors in Tamilnadu.

Rajasthan YuvaRatna Award

Rajasthan Association of Tamilnadu conferred the most prestigious award “RAJASTHAN YUVA RATNA AWARD” to Mr. Anand Surana for his outstanding contribution in the field of Education and Achievements in Business.

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