Feb 13 & 14

9th International Patient Safety Conference 2023

Dr. Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah

Associate Professor of Surgery, Apollo Hospitals Head of colorectal services, Karnataka region Senior Consultant Colorectal surgeon (Colorectal, Peritoneal & Pelvic Oncology) Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon – Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery (AICRS) Director, Health Sciences Park (HSP) – Bangalore

Dr. Narasimhaiah S, born to a farming family, hails from rural Bangalore. Primary and secondary education was undertaken in Bangalore. He completed his pre-university education from MES College, Malleshwaram. He completed his MBBS from Bangalore University, Surgical memberships (MRCS) from the college or surgeons from England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin, MD (Academic surgery) from University, FRCS from the intercollegiate board (UK) and FEBS from the European board of examinations. In addition he is a Alumni of National Law School of India University with a post graduate qualification in Medical Law and Ethics.

He holds the position of a senior consultant at Apollo hospitals. He established and heads the Apollo Institute of colo-rectal surgery in Bangalore. Under his leadership Apollo Institute of Laparoscopic and Robotic colorectal Surgery is taking shape. His areas of interest are in Cancer surgery (colonic / rectal/ anal / appendiceal / pelvic and peritoneal). His work also includes proctology, inflammatory bowel disease, Diverticulosis and all aspects of functional and pelvic floor problems. He is a Laparoscopic and robotic surgeon.

Prior to joining Apollo Group he served as Consultant general and colorectal surgeon at Princess Alexandra hospital in Essex, UK. He holds the position of honorary senior lecturer in the Queen Mary University of London.

On the research front his interests are on Precision onco-surgery, Psycho-oncology, Decision making and Health outcomes in Surgery. Has published and lectured nationally and internationally. He has been an invited speaker on a number of subjects. He is a key opinion leader on Precision colonic onco-surgery & is a reviewer for a number of journals.

Dr Narasimhaiah S is an authority in his field, a scholarly physician with vast experience in colorectal surgical oncological surgery. Administratively, clinically and scientifically is keen to contribute to the development of our colorectal program at Apollo Group.

He is a writer, researcher, teacher and an innovator. Project CANFRI (http://www.canfri.org) is very close to his heart, since he believes in health education being the driver for our future health. Cancer is a major health care issue and prevention is the key for success.

“Education is the investment for future, Health education is the key to healthy future” – Simha.

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